Care of the Land, Wildlife & People

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To us, sustainability is about more than just a carbon footprint; it’s also about working with local communities to ensure their lives are improved by tourism, and that they can carry on the work we started. For years, Udaay Safari and Tours (T) Ltd. and its guests are not just treading lightly on Tanzanian landscapes, but also positively impacting the lives of Tanzanian people.

Not only is a healthy environment is vital to the sustainability of the tourism industry, the team of UDAAY believes each one of us has a personal and communal obligation to look after our planet, wildlife and natural resources.

Much like the rest of the world, deforestation has had devastating effects on the local wildlife and habitats here in Tanzania. We support carbon credit programs and reforestation programs in Tanzania. We focus on promoting the importance of sustainability to tourists and educating the local communities, ensuring that a positive legacy is established and maintained.