Udaay Safaris


Tarangire National Park lies 118 km southwest of Arusha. The park area is approximately 2,600 square km and offers a wide variety of wildlife throughout the year.

The Tarangire River, after which the park is named, provides the only permanent water for wildlife in the area. Famous for its large herds of elephant, Tarangire attracts many animals from surrounding areas in a dry season because of river spring. In Tarangire you will always be sure to see wild animals. The park is also a haven for herds of migrating animals.

The park is marked by its extraordinary baobab trees which are hundreds of years old and they grow between, open plains together with acacia trees.

Apart from elephants you will also spot lions, eland, impalas, gazelles, buffalos, wildebeest, zebras, leopards and different bird species

Because of permanent water of the Tarangire River, you can visit Tarangire National Park throughout the year but during the dry season (June-September) there are a sheer number of animals.